Simultaneous or Near Simultaneous Contact on Long Rebound

Basketball is no longer considered a non-contact sport. This recent play had me researching rules:

Scenario 1: Shot careens off rim to the left of backboard, I am at Lead in B position with great angle/look. B1 jumps from under basket to get rebound, A1 jumps from outside to get rebound, (a) A1 gets possession of the ball then crashes into B1 causing her to fall to floor; (b) what if A1 and B1 get to ball simultaneously, but smaller size of B1 has her fall to floor. RULING: (a) Block on B1: Once A1 controls ball, B1 is responsible for the contact; (b) Incidental contact, play on. In (b), it will look ugly, and coaches/fans will complain. But the fair actions to take are either double foul on both, or play on. I am going with play on.

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