You Are Looking Radiant, Day #39

Radiation consultation at Ortenzio Cancer Center with Dr. Joella Wilson-Dagar is done, the radiation fitting is scheduled for Mon 10/2.  The 12 actual radiation treatments begin approx a week later.  Sore throat, skin burn, fatigue side effects – bring it on!

The next step on the Sjogren’s path is a first meeting with a rheumatalogist on 10/18.  I continue to research best practices in this area, “anti-inflammatory diet” has popped up most often.  Venus still hasn’t called.  I consider the ‘fatigue’ symptom of this disease my mortal enemy and he will not win!

Next steps:

  1. Radiation CTSyn/Fitting, 10/2 09:00
  2. Radiation Treatments, 12 starting approx 10/9
  3. Johns Hopkins 2nd Opinion, 10/13 11:00
  4. Rheumatologist Appointment, 10/18
  5. Hike Colonel Denning Flat Rock trail again:  NEVER!

Observation #1

Still surrounded by a cloud of witnesses and prayer warriors, I am humbled and very grateful!

Observation #2

I’ve found a few coffees that are drinkable.  Still not a natural ‘go to’ but I can do it now in a few recurring situations I find myself.  Enjoying the aspartame-free SodaStream world, but the Mt Dew Blackberry Kickstart has risen to #1.  If only I could merge Kickstart with SodaStream (ie a syrup I could buy in bulk).  Anybody that can navigate those channels?

Observation #3

Hard to believe 40 days have gone by since I first heard, obviously a roller-coaster of emotions. The Thu night I first heard I thought I might be in treatments on Mon. If I was told it would be 54 days before I started treatments, I’ll admit I would’ve been shocked (and yes my wife IS shocked).

I continue to be assured by doctors that this cancer is very treatable and slow-growing.  I also have so many people praying for me and these doctors that I trust I am being guided in the right direction.

I also trust that people who need these services MORE THAN ME are getting them.  I picture Hawkeye Pierce looking at me on a stretcher saying “this guy can wait”, knowing there is a friend, a neighbor laying beside me who cannot wait.  I am praying for those friends and neighbors.

Observation #4

Combined with a reduction in caffeine (as noted in prior posts), the ‘fatigue’ of Sjogren’s at times was kicking my butt. A friend (thanks Bob!) shared with me the challenges of a ‘fatigue’ diagnosis and helped me develop a better attitude towards this: basically fatigue is my mortal enemy!

The first time I implemented my new strategy (ignoring the fatigue) I found myself on a basketball court having a night like the Bishop in Caddyshack, everything was falling (though glad my night did not end like the Bishop’s). I knew God had placed me on the right path.

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