Imminent Demise Day #5

Thanks so much for the prayers, the encouragement, the guidance from friends and family.  I am truly surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses!


1.       Lymphoma diagnosis is a ‘non-hodgkins MALT’ lymphoma, supposedly slow growing and high probability of cure.

2.       I am working with 2 local oncology/hematology groups (Dr. Reninger, Hershey Med Cancer Inst), and may reach out to a third (Andrews Patel)

3.       PETScan on Thu 8/24 10:30am, Dr Appt Fri 8/25 2pm.  The PETScan will reveal how far it has spread.

Observation #1

I have always had the greatest respect for Hershey Med.  My ENT team did a great job!  However, after my ENT specialist notified me of my imminent demise on Thu, I was disappointed in what happened next:  no info (phone calls, emails, text); I called to find out what was going on and what I should expect and they said triage of patients was done on Mondays.  On Tue I got a call to schedule an office appointment on Thu.

Compare that to Dr. Reninger:  weekends calls from friends and doctor that referred him, Mon 8am call from him, PETScan scheduled in 3 days, appointment after the scan.

I grew up with MASH and totally get the idea of triage, and the fact that in this domain I might be the guy who gets aspirin and is told to wait in the waiting room.  But the little things go along way.

Observation #2

I continue to be amazed at how God is before me on every front.  If you do not have a church family and/or are not meeting with a bunch of guys on a regular basis, you should be!  Thanks to all my friends and brothers on the Monday Panera team, the Tue & Thu Tremendous teams, the Fri Hub team, and the Sat Matthew Bible Study team, and of course the great saints at Aldersgate in Mechanicsburg!

Observation #3

My apologies to the rest of you who may the 2nd best wife in the world, but I have THE BEST WIFE IN THE WORLD!  Love you Sheryl!  (How God arranged that one remains possibly the biggest miracle/mystery in my life).

Observation #4

Everyone should have a sibling that is a doctor:  Thanks Delmi for always being there and providing great insights and comfort!

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