I’m Not Dead Yet Day #8

Thanks to all who prayed!  I’m convinced your prayers miraculously healed me and changed my PETScan results:  other than lymphomas found on face, no other areas of concern!  Stage IIAE Nongastric MALT Lymphoma in the parotoid glands is the detailed diagnosis. Treatable (radiation), not curable, 75% non-recurrence after 5 years.  I’ve copied the NCCN treatment plan for this below.


Next steps

  • Bone marrow biopsy Wed 8/30 11:00 to eliminate chance of different, more-serious issue (rare, <3% of cases)
  • Radiation consultation in 2 weeks for approximately 10 rounds of radiation therapy probably in September.
  • Johns Hopkins 2nd Opinion in 2 weeks.
  • Depending on test results, rheumatalogist for Sjogrens Syndrome.
  • Find a new caffeine delivery mechanism.

Observation #1

Did I already say my wife is the best?!  She still is..  But NO CRYING IN McDONALDS!!  😉

Observation #2

I continue to be impressed with Dr. Reninger and the entire Hematology & Oncology Consultants organization!  Thanks to Beth Persun for the recommendation and referral, and Kevin Lutz and Greg Willis for their great insights!  Thanks to all who passed on their recommendations!

Observation #3

I originally posted on Facebook because so many were asking me for updates, I thought I’d get the info out faster that way.  What I did not expect was the FB avalanche of prayers, best wishes, etc.  THANK YOU ALL!  I will continue to provide updates via FB for those of you interested in my saga.

Observation #4

I remain convinced that my extreme regimen of Diet Mt Dew somehow contributed to this condition.  I’ve given up all aspartame and am looking into other options for daily caffeine delivery.  Not a huge water or coffee drinker, and I learned that VitaminWater is just fancy sugar water (say it ain’t so).  Would love to know what YOU do.

Doc said that my poor BMI doesn’t help me increase those 75% odds either so I hope to be dropping some LBS in the near future.

Observation #5

My original post made reference to the Mark Twain misquote “Rumors of my imminent demise are greatly exaggerated”.  My apologies to those who took that as a dire statement, and to those who know it was a misquote (he actually wrote “Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”).  Today’s post celebrates those who fought through the Black Plague and an Arrow in Arthur’s England.

While obviously a terrible condition, mine pales in comparison to some of the people I am praying for (some listed below).  My prayers to them for healing, strength, peace.

  • My dad
  • My wife (putting up with me!)
  • My friend Kevin (family cancer and other issues)
  • My friend FR (cancer)
  • My friend Tom (cancer)

Observation #6

My devotions this week centered on the concept of ‘yielding’ to God.  So often I try to make decisions for this, for that, for God, against Evil.  This cancer experience – the sheer ‘this is out of my control’ feeling – has re-enforced my need to yield to God:  He is in control.  When I yield to Him I experience His peace and strength.  This devotional based on Matthew 3:11 may give you some insights into my current thinking.  If you want to learn more, a rebel force of men meet in Mechanicsburg every Mon 6:30am at the Panera near Chick-Fil-A, or in Harrisburg every Fri 7:00am at The Hub, 2225 Sycamore St.

Treatment Guidelines


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