Destination One

We are surrounded, even bombarded, by destinations. Google Maps and GPS’s plot our trips to vacation or to school or to family and friends. Company and organization mission statements define targets that we collectively focus on, and spend much of our time trying to obtain. Gamers are trained daily to feed on the need to achieve this level to get that reward. Our need to ‘keep up with the Jones’ sometimes makes other people’s destinations ours.

Stop. There is only one destination that matters: Being in His Presence. When you are sitting in the Presence of the King, you know Love, you feel the Love He has for you.  His eternity and His love make the other destinations seem so trivial, some even foolish.

Go. It is at that moment that He tells you to go to those destinations. Not for the actual destinations, but for the journey that gets you to those destinations. The people in the car need to feel His Presence, His love. The people at work are struggling, suffering and need to feel His Presence. That gamer with 476 trophies on level 137 may be trying to fill a hole that can only be filled by His Presence.

Any time spent in the Gospels reveals this Stop/Go model.  Jesus would frequently stop to be in His Father’s Presence.  Then He would go and share that Presence with His disciples and the people.

If you are on a journey to a destination, and you left without His Presence, it is most likely a ‘fools errand’.   You may argue, “But George this IS IMPORTANT!!”.

If it is really that important, then you need to Stop.  And be in His presence.

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