All Systems Go! Day #454

Visited the C-Doc today after a 3-month CT-Scan on Tue to check in on a small growth on my lungs – ALL CLEAR! Great news for sure, special thanks to all my prayer warriors out there!

Last trip the C-Doc recommended I try the ‘Plant Paradox’ diet to help some symptoms I complained of (migraines, etc). Any one who knows me knows that my diet is not great. And I’m stubborn. And old. But, he’s my C-Doc, and he could tell me to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge and I’d probably do it!

So Sheryl and I embarked on this new adventure, knowing that it was a high-maintenance diet: don’t eat certain veggies, eat only meat that was pasture-raised and more. No almonds but almond flour ok? Muggins?!┬áLectins? Pistachios..

Well, I am a believer. For the past 3 months Sheryl and I have bounced in and out of the ‘Plant Paradox Church of the Lectin Free Faithful’. I can tell you that when we follow the diet closely, I feel great: no headaches, no stomach aches, etc. When we veer off ranch, these things return.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical of many of the gluten-free, X-free causes. A life of eating habits made it hard to believe that bun on top of my Chick-Fil-A sandwich was evil. OK, not ‘evil’, but definitely not on my side!

When not traveling, Sheryl and I try to stay close to the ranch. It is hard, but we committed to not being religious about this. I have made a lot of smaller tweaks to my life: pistachio snacks during the day (shelled to slow me down!). Don’t eat the bread on that sandwich, or not all of it. Salmon when traveling.

We promised each other no guilt when we go off course: it’s like choosing to ride your bike on the nicely-paved blacktop road, or to ride it on a gravel or stone road: why would we do that?! For example, I ate pizza today. It tasted good, but I’m already pedaling through the muck. It’s not worth it.

The best news it that my Sjogren’s symptoms are better: my dry mouth seems to have gone away. I sleep without a bottle of water near my bed, and play sports without having to stop every 5 minutes for a drink (yes, I know I probably should regardless!)

Again, thanks to all who have prayed for me: it is great knowing the hedge that you put around me!



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