90% Normal, Day #79

Treatments are done, most of my side-effects are going away.  Thanks to all who provided prayers, encouragement, cards, meals, etc.  Humbled as always by the great cloud of witnesses that surround me, and the Sherpas that helped me get through this.

I am resuming normal life, including work travel to Tokyo on Saturday. A little nervous about being in a tin can for 14 hours but confident I will get through that: better than 20 minutes in my cage!

I meet with doc’s in 2 weeks, but they’ve said 3 months until they are ready to make any assessments of treatment effectiveness.

Observation #1: ISAAC!

Cub #2 turns 20 today!  Happy Birthday Isaac!!  Amazing to watch him grow into a young man, and I know that he will cause many Kingdom tremors as he travels his life journeys.  His good looks (dad bias here) are only exceeded by his HUGE heart!

Observation #2: Normal?

I shared with a friend that I was 90% normal, his response:  “I’ve never been 90% normal!”.  Amen..

Observation #3: Life Sherpas

Another friend shared the ‘sherpa’ analogy, I love it!  I’ve had many cancer sherpas help me up and down this mountain.  Thank you!

I have many Kingdom sherpas that show me daily what it means to live in the valleys and mountains as a Follower of Christ.  Thank you!

Observation #4: New Diet

For several weeks the side-effect of EVERYTHING-TASTING-HORRIBLE meant that I did not have to deal with my diet issues. Now that my taste buds have returned partially, I find myself craving different things. I’ve always enjoyed Japanese food but never ‘craved’ it.  Now I’m looking forward to having it next week.

I’m not sure how long that will last but I know that moving to ‘anti-inflammatory’ will be a bigger part of my future diet.  And yes, I already have a bunch of anti-inflammatory sherpas that will guide me on that journey.

His Peace!



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