Have a Tremendous Day!

My favorite birthday wish is “Have a Tremendous day!”  I always capitalize it to honor the man who made the term significant to me:  Charlie “Tremendous” Jones.  I only met Charlie twice and only briefly, but I know many men and women who felt first-hand the tremors of Christ’s love that he shared, and in turn have shared that love with me.

Anyone that has taken time to explore Christianity knows that this is the basic model since the beginning.  Christ used Love to shake things up, to change lives.  Those lives went on to shake things up in others and change more lives.  In theory I can trace the tremors of Love shared with me back to those original Love tremors shared by Christ.

When I wish someone a ‘Tremendous’ day or year, it is both a reminder to me of the people who have shared that love, and that I’m called to pass those Love tremors on, to pay it forward, to the next person.

My wish to you is not that you put an umbrella in your drink and kick up your feet, though there is clearly a time for that.  No, my wish is that like Christ you shake things up, that the tremors of Love that you share be felt by many!

Have a TREMENDOUS day!