Entitled to the Spot

A basic principle of hoops says if a player gets to a spot first, they are entitled to that spot (few exceptions, e.g. other player already in the air on a try).
Situation 1: L is in A position in frontcourt, A1 has ball in L’s corner with no defender.  A1 drives to hoop, B2 is standing still (never moved) at lane, A1 brushes off side of B2.  RULING: Play on, B2 entitled to that spot.
Scenarion 2: B2 standing in lane with back to A1 (perhaps B2 is defending A2), B2 never attempts LGP as they have back turned, but they are entitled to their spot.  A1 drives to hoop and either (a) brushes off B2 with no displacement, or (b) displaces B2.  RULING: (a) no call; (b) player control foul

Pre-Game T’s

No official likes to start a game with a T, most of us do our best to make sure the book is all set prior to any penalties occurring.

Situation 1: Team A has 7 players in book with 1 minute in warm-ups remaining (required by 10 minutes).  A1 gets sick during warm-ups, coach informs R he wants to add a player.  R tells him no problem, but will cost him a technical foul, he knows and says that’s OK.  By that time minute had run out, R calls technical foul on head coach and proceeds w/ B1 shooting, then B ball at division to start game, AP to A.  Other notes:

  • Coach retains coaching box privilege

Verticality & Shot-blocking

The greatest temptation of defenders against a shooter is to stuff the shooter, or even better the crowd-pleasing swat into the stands. It is also one of the most common and easiest fouls to call.

Today defenders – and especially the Bigs – should be taught to stay within their vertical space (shoulder-width to the ceiling), including their arms. I cannot count how many times I see a defender go straight up, then succumb at the last second and swing their arms trying for the big block, not realizing that just being up there has a good chance of affecting the shot (making them miss).

Emphasis is put on not penalizing good defense: If I see a player jumping straight up with arms straight up, I am unlikely to call a foul (There are exceptions e.g. shooter already in the air).

What happens often at lower girls levels is what I call the birds nest because the ball reminds me of food being fed to baby birds in a nest: A1 shooting the ball, B1, B2, B3 trying to block, often repeating this several times. If B1/B2/B3 are going straight up with arms in their verticality, play on.