Time-outs & Possession

New rule and emphasis is that player control is required in order to call a timeout. So, for example, a coach of a team with team control cannot call timeout if a player fumbles the ball, until they recover it and re-establishes player control.
Situation 1: A1 had ball in backcourt during press, I was T at 7 of 10 count, expecting a possible timeout.  Coach yells timeout, and his player had ball.  I look at coach to confirm he wanted timeout and as quickly as possible hit whistle/hand up.  In the time it took to glance/confirm/whistle, his player threw pass that ended in B1’s hands.  My whistle was before B1 obtained possession but while ball was in air.
Coach B claimed A got timeout he shouldn’t have gotten.  I advised him that timeout was called while A1 in possession.
Situation 2: Trap in backcourt, I was L at half-court, A coach called timeout while A1 had ball but fraction of second before pass.  My whistle ended up being while ball was in air.  Coach B makes remark about getting timeout while ball was in air.
I heard timeout while A1 had player control, my look over at coach to confirm it was head coach does not change the timing of the call